About Life Aquatic

Life Aquatic is a full service aquarium store offering livestock, equipment, supplies as well as design, installation and maintenance services for all kinds of fish tanks, ponds and reptile habitats. While our store specializes in Saltwater and Reef set-ups we also carry Goldfish, Bettas, Glofish, and other “kid-friendly” items. In addition, we stock Koi and other Pond Fish, in season.

Though we love all things “Aquatic”, Saltwater is our real passion. With over 1600 gallons of saltwater display tanks containing fish, corals and invertebrates from all over the world, our selection is second to none. We pride ourselves on our environmentally responsible approach to fish keeping. Whenever possible we purchase aqua-cultured corals and captive bred fish and inverts, which reduces the impact on our reefs and oceans. Those animals which are wild caught are done so in a monitored and humane manner, many carrying MAC certification, but all being purchased from only a few, select, highly respected wholesalers. We also buy livestock from local hobbyists who breed and propagate their own fish and corals, further minimizing our environmental footprint and also eliminating the inevitable stress brought on by collection and transport.

Life Aquatic prides ourselves on the health of our living specimens. All are housed in a natural environment completely free of copper and other medications. Our superior, chemical free water quality reduces stress on the fish and keeps them virtually disease free. Come in and see the health of our specimens for yourself!

Our store itself is a fun, educational environment with ZERO pressure to buy. We have a lounge area with complimentary snacks and a large reference library for your in-store use. There are streaming underwater videos playing and interactive, informational kiosks to answer many of your fish-related questions. We also offer aquatic-themed gifts, apparel and decorations, as well as a huge selection of unique skeletal coral. Our entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable and non-commissioned and our goal is simple: To make you a successful hobbyist. We firmly believe that spending a bit of time in our tranquil environment will make you as passionate about these beautiful creatures as we are.

For those choosing to buy, we offer a Life Aquatic Club Membership which entitles members to deep discounts on everything in the store as well as members only sales and events.

We certainly hope you will stop by to see our store and say hello. And please tell your friends! Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and we know you will like what you see!!