Our return policy is a flexible one based on your exact circumstance and history, but in general we guarantee all of our livestock to be healthy and free of disease at time of purchase. If your purchase should die within 7 days due to sickness or disease we will replace same at no charge.e We may ask you for a water sample from your tank to check your parameters so we do not subject another fish to improper conditions and so these deficiencies can be corrected before introducing a replacement animal. Death due to poor water quality, aggressive tank mates, jumping, etc. are not covered. For tanks regularly serviced by Life Aquatic, the guarantee is 30 days.

Besides guaranteeing our livestock against sickness or death, there are times when you just wish you could return a recent purchase for an assortment of reasons. Perhaps the fish is a little too big for your tank. Perhaps it is bullying other fish or is being bullied itself. Perhaps you’ve got your eye on a dream fish, but there is no room in your tank or you know that it would not get along with a certain fish you’ve already got. Or maybe the fish just clashes with the drapes. Whatever the reason, we want you to be happy with your purchase. If you would like to return your livestock for any reason, just bring it back to Life Aquatic anytime within 3 months of purchase for a refund or credit. There are, of course, limits to this policy. The animal you return must have been purchased at Life Aquatic and it must be in good health and sellable conditions. After 3 months, we can also, with prior approval, take your livestock back to hold for sale on a consignment basis.