A long standing source of contention among aquarists is the Glass vs. Acrylic debate. Some swear by Acrylic while others feel equally adamant about glass. With the exception of a few very specific cases (very large or unusually shaped tanks), we are proponents of glass and our reason is simple: Acrylic aquariums easily scratch over time, and severely impact viewing. Once scratched, algae will settle into the scratches and become very difficult, sometimes impossible, to clean. The result is a viewing surface full of unsightly, green scratches. Advocates of acrylic will tell you than any scratches can be “easily buffed out”. I’ve yet to see an acrylic aquarium which has had scratches removed without a trace. At best, under expert care, scratches can be minimized. This is a very painstaking, labor-intensive and costly process, however and even then, there is always a “haze” where the scratches were and the tank will never be as clear as it was when new. Yes, acrylic is lighter. Yes, acrylic is (in some cases) a bit cheaper. Yes acrylic is “stronger” (though unnecessarily so.) And yes, acrylic is optically clearer WHEN NEW. However, the main reason one owns a fish tank is the visual pleasure it offers and acrylic tanks, in time, WILL reduce that pleasure. Ask anyone who has had an acrylic tank for several years and they will concur. They all wish they had chosen a glass aquarium instead.