Just as we respect the money you spend on your Livestock purchases, we also go out of our way to provide you with honest, ethical and transparent services. Prior to hiring us to perform any service, we will, upon request, give you a very accurate estimate of what your annual service expense will be including all supplies. Many companies offer their service technicians incentives and commission for every service dollar their clients spend and every supply they purchase. This puts the service technician, no matter how well meaning, in the awkward position of deciding what is best for your tank vs. what is best for their wallet. Our Service Technicians NEVER work on commission. We do not sell you unnecessary supplies or a larger quantity of a needed supply than is required. The few regular supplies we do use are applied in the quantities and intervals based on manufacturers recommendations not on a random schedule designed to meet sales quotas or gain incentives. Whenever possible, supplies are recycled or regenerated helping our environment and saving you money in the process.

There is more to a service cost than just the hourly labor charge. When considering ANY aquatic service from ANY service company, be sure to compare the total service cost including all supplies, not just the hourly fee. If you’re not sure if you’re being treated fairly, get a second opinion. We have saved some of our service clients thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars a year by providing labor and supplies honestly and ethically. Call Life Aquatic for a free, no obligation service proposal today!