Just like people, Fish do occasionally get sick. The act of collecting, housing, packing and shipping, several times from ocean to store is very stressful for fish. Some fish can tolerate this better than others and though we do our best to minimize this stress, it is inevitable that some fish will have a compromised immune system which allows them to fall ill. When visiting our store you may see some fish on display that are battling a disease or illness. The first thing you should know is we will NEVER sell you a fish that is not 100% healthy in our opinion. More often than not however, these fish will improve on their own due to our excellent water conditions, in-house maintenance schedule, diet and care in keeping aggression to a minimum. We do not medicate our tanks and NEVER house our fish in water containing Copper medications which are toxic to fish and shortens their life span. We let our fish’s own immune system fight off infection by providing the best conditions for it to do so. Having seen firsthand the death rate in other stores we can proudly say that due to this philosophy we lose as many fish in an entire month than some stores lose in a week or even a day!