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Level of Involvement

How involved with your aquarium do you want to be? That’s up to you. There are three criteria that enter into this decision. The first is your level of interest. Do you want to learn all about the little eco-system you have created and the science behind it or just want to enjoy the view? Do you want to get your hands wet (literally) or prefer less involvement? The second factor is time. How much free time do you have or do you care to dedicate to your hobby? The third factor is cost.

We have many clients that purchase their set-ups and livestock from us and handle the set-up and all of the upkeep themselves. We have others who have us perform every aspect of the maintenance including daily feedings so that all they have to do is sit back and enjoy it. Most of our customers fall somewhere in-between. It is your choice and there is no right or wrong recipe for success. Regardless of where you fall on this scale, we will tailor a plan that will result in the most enjoyable experience for you. After all…….this should be fun, not a chore.

Free, Honest and Accurate Advice

The internet and, it seems, almost everyone that you talk to, offers conflicting information when it comes to aquarium keeping. Sometimes the sheer volume of this information can be very confusing and quite overwhelming. First of all, you should know that just because different opinions exist, doesn’t necessarily mean that one is right and the other is wrong. Often both opinions may be correct in the sense that each solution or procedure has worked for a particular hobbyist for a particular problem or situation. That being said, there is much information and advice that you will come across which is downright false.

How can you separate fact from fiction? Simple; Find a source you trust and rely on their expertise to guide you through the complex maze of information and misinformation. Life Aquatic is here for you as this source. Just stop in or call us anytime for free, accurate and consistent advice. You don’t need to be a regular customer or purchase anything from us. We are here to assist you in becoming a successful hobbyist….. Period.

We Respect You and Respect Your Service Dollars

When it comes to maintaining your aquarium, time and time again, we hear stories of aquarium service companies that take advantage of their client’s trust or lack of aquarium knowledge in order to add to their own bottom line. This, in our opinion, is one of the lowest forms of human nature. Besides being just plain dishonest, it also causes frustration, often leading to the abandoning of the hobby and gives the entire industry a bad name. It does not have to be this way.

While many honest service companies exist and most have similar hourly rates, there are many hidden costs that are not initially apparent and which can, in the hands of less than ethical companies, add up to considerable amounts over the long term. In order to gauge the true cost of any service, one needs to calculate the total cost over a given period including both labor and supplies.

Many companies offer their service technicians incentives and commission for every service dollar their clients spend and every supply they purchase. This puts the service tech., no matter how well meaning, in the awkward position of deciding what is best for your tank vs. what is best for their wallet. Our service techs. and store employees NEVER work on commission. We do not sell you unnecessary supplies or a larger quantity of a needed supply than is required. The few regular supplies we do use are applied in the quantities and intervals based on manufacturers recommendations not on a random schedule designed to meet sales quotas or gain incentives. Further, whenever possible, supplies are recycled or regenerated helping our environment and saving you considerable money in the process. When using a particular supply, we will state, right on our invoice, the frequency in which these supplies are used and the last time a given supply was added or changed to your system. Before selecting Life Aquatic to perform your service ask us, and we will provide, a very accurate estimate of what your total annual service expense will be including all supplies. Life Aquatic has earned an unmatched reputation for honesty, integrity and transparency and will never take advantage of your trust or low “Aquarium IQ”. It’s bad business and simply not our nature. You should also know that we will never ask you to sign a service contract or make a long-term commitment. Our feeling is; if you’re not happy with our service, you should be free to make a change. We are proud to state that to date, none of our service clients have chosen to do so.

Routine Service & Maintenance

Our routine service and maintenance program entails the following:

  • Entire aquarium is inspected inside and out. All equipment is checked for proper operation and efficiency.
  • Tank viewing panels and other surfaces are cleaned inside and out to below the sand line.
  • Substrate is stirred and lightly vacuumed
  • Rock and/or decorations are cleaned and brushed as best as possible to remove undesirable algae and detritus.
  • A water change, normally in the range of 20% bi-weekly, is performed. For saltwater aquariums water can be brought with us or mixed on site using your tap or RO/DI water and salt mix.
  • Filter components are cleaned and filter media is cleaned and/or changed according to a fixed schedule tailored for your aquarium.
  • Water is tested and any parameters not within acceptable ranges are adjusted as required.
  • Trace elements are added as required
  • Exterior of tank and cabinet wiped down with fresh water.
  • Fish, Corals and Invertebrates are visually inspected for signs of injury and/or illness and appropriate action taken to help correct any deficiencies.
  • Our service technicians are experienced, honest and on-time. In the rare instance when they are running behind schedule, you will receive a phone call or e-mail letting you know. Once we arrive we will remove our shoes and use a tarp to protect your floors.


Service Interval: As a general rule, to maintain proper water conditions we recommend servicing your aquarium once every 2 weeks. Lightly stocked Fish Only or FOWLR (Fish Only with Live Rock) Aquariums and Freshwater Aquariums can receive a larger service once every 4 weeks. More frequent servicing can be done to improve stable water conditions and aesthetic cleanliness for those requiring a more pristine appearance or preferring less day-to-day involvement.

24/7/365 Emergency Service with dedicated hotline

All Life Aquatic Service Clients have access to our 24 hour emergency phone number to address any after-hours emergencies which may arise..

Design Services

We offer free in-home design consultations to offer suggestions as to the best style, size and location for your dream aquarium. Life Aquatic will also work directly with your designer or Architect to coordinate design, installation and scheduling.

Delivery and Set-Up

Any size tank from a Goldfish Bowl to a Saltwater Reef Aquarium of many thousands of gallons can be delivered and installed in your home or office. Please contact our staff for rates and information.

Installation of Special Equipment and Aquarium Upgrades

Just a few of the upgrades we can perform are the installation of chillers, additional filtration and lighting upgrades. We also can add an RO/DI water purification system with Auto-Top-Off (ATO) in your home or office. This will pay for itself over time in the way of reduced saltwater expense and, for those servicing their own tanks, will save the time and labor of transporting heavy buckets.

Delivery and Acclamation of Livestock

Prefer not to be responsible for properly transporting and acclimating your new Livestock purchase from the store to your tank? Need help placing your new Coral purchase in your tank in the proper location with optimum lighting and flow? We can do this for you at a very reasonable rate whether it is a single Snail or several dozen Fish and Corals.

Aquarium Renovations

Is your aquarium in need of some TLC? Perhaps you’ve become too busy to service the tank as often as you should and it has gotten a bit out of control. Perhaps your current service provider is performing less than adequate maintenance. Let Life Aquatic come in and breathe new life into your tired aquarium. From a one-time thorough cleaning to a complete overhaul, we can return your aquarium to the show piece that it once was and should be.

Aquarium Relocation

Yes, it is possible to move an Aquarium, regardless of size, from one location to another. We will “tear down” your tank, safely transport it and your livestock from one location to another and set everything back up again. Your fish won’t even know they’ve been moved!

In-Home/Office Touch-ups

Do you routinely service your tank yourself, but can’t for a month or two due to business/family obligations or just need a break? Perhaps you’re hosting a party or holiday and just don’t have the time to deal with the tank. We can come in a do a quick cleaning and touch-up to make the tank look perfect for your event and leave you time to handle your other obligations.

Maintenance Demonstrations and Tutoring

Many customers take care of their own tanks, but lack the finesse or “tricks of the trade” to take their tank to the next level. We can come into your home or workplace and perform a demonstration showing how we service an aquarium so you can keep your tanks looking as good as if a professional was doing it.

“Fish Boarding” Store-Routine

Fish bowls or complete tanks, usually up to a maximum of 29 gallons, can be brought to our store for long-term care and feeding. These tanks can be transported by the client (with our guidance) or we can perform the move. Your tank will be fed daily and will receive professional care and routine service and water changes for the duration of your absence. Rates for this service start at just $2 per day for simple Bettas or Goldfish in a bowl.

“Fish Boarding” Store-Emergency:

Located directly in the business district of New Canaan affords us the luxury of very infrequent power losses. Our power lines are underground and priority is often given to businesses in terms of power restoration. In the rare event of a power outage we are equipped with a generator to keep our store’s life-support infrastructure operating. We are proud to say that we have saved the lives of hundreds of animals by taking in boarders during times of prolonged power outages. We do not charge for this service and accept fish on a space available basis. (see article) Whether it’s for a day or a month, we will do our best to keep your precious pets alive and well in times of emergency. Other examples of times we can help you are if your tank experiences a mini ammonia spike and you need to temporarily relocate the fish under you water stabilizes or if fish is sick and you need someone to attempt to nurse it back to health.

“Fish Sitting” Home:

For larger tanks or those not interested in transporting their aquariums, our staff can visit your home or office in your absence at whatever interval you’d like, to feed, check your aquarium for proper operation and perform routine service and maintenance. We can even feed your other pets, take dogs for a walk, scoop litter-boxes, water plants, etc, while you’re away. Rates start at just $20 per visit with durations from a single visit to a period of many months.

Set-Up and Deliver Pre-Cycled Tank for Sp. Occasions

For those who do not wish to wait while their “empty” tank cycles in their home for 3-5 weeks, Life Aquatic can set-up your system at our store and stock the tank with Fish, Corals, etc. and then deliver the tank to your home fully stocked and outfitted. This is perfect when a surprise gift of an up and running tank is required for a birthday, holiday or special event.

We can also set up a complete aquarium for themed special events like weddings, confirmations, bar/bat mitzphas, graduations, proms, etc. We will deliver and set-up the aquarium just before the event and break it down immediately after.

Please discuss these services with our staff.

Water Testing

Anyone can bring us their saltwater, freshwater or tap water (as it relates to your aquarium) anytime for FREE testing. Whether you are cycling a new aquarium, having a specific problem or issue or just want to make sure everything is within proper parameters, simply bring us a small (8 oz.) water sample in a clean container or zip-loc bag and we’ll test your water while you wait, or, if you prefer, can e-mail you your results. We can also, on request, maintain a record of your water testing results over time for comparison and trend analyzation. We are able to test for Salinity (Specific Gravity), Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, pH, Alkalinity, TDS, Calcium, Magnesium and Iodine. We can also test for the presence of Copper and Chlorine.


Pulling your hair out with a hair algae outbreak in your saltwater tank? Consider our “Lease-A-Monster” program. The “Monster” in this case is a Sea Hare, sometimes referred to as a Bali Sea Monster. It is actually a big Sea Slug (a member of the Nudibranch family) whose sole diet is hair algae. While they are very proficient at mowing your hair algae down, they will quickly starve to death once there is no more hair to eat. Rather than allowing your Sea Hare to starve, we encourage you to return it to us at which time you will receive a 50% credit on your original purchase price. It’s a win-win solution as your algae problem will be solved and at the same time you will save the life of this most interesting creature.

Consignment Services

We are proud to offer for sale many aqua-cultured Corals grown by our customers and neighbors. We also will take fish and occasionally tanks and equipment, on a consignment basis from customers looking to relocate an overgrown specimen or the entire tank and its contents due to relocation, etc.

Pond Services

More information coming soon.