You Can Do Saltwater!

The long-term, successful keeping of a Saltwater Fish Tank by amateur hobbyists was difficult, if not impossible, as recently as 15-20 years ago. Fish would live several months at best and Corals several days. This is no longer the case. Due to recent advances in filtration and lighting technology, improved salt mixes, and our overall understanding of how all of these factors interact, has made keeping a marine aquarium no harder than freshwater. Gone are the days of constant testing, and adding of chemicals and additives. The maintenance of a Saltwater tank is virtually the same as Freshwater, in both complexity and time and, in some ways, saltwater can even be easier.

While the upkeep for salt and freshwater is very similar, the forgiveness factor is not. The main difference is one cannot be “lazy” when keeping a saltwater tank. What little work there is, NEEDS to be done, and done on a regular basis. Freshwater fish are generally very hardy while Saltwater Fish and Corals are more delicate. As such, a laid-back approach to maintenance will not bode well in the long term. The good news though is that ANYONE can now easily and successfully keep a saltwater tank. The other good news is; if you know you cannot dedicate the 20-60 minutes every two weeks, to the upkeep of the tank, we can come to your home or office and do it for you!