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Conveniently located in SW Fairfield County, Connecticut, less than an hour’s drive from Manhattan, Long Island, Rockland County and just minutes from Connecticut’s Gold Coast and Westchester County, NY, Life Aquatic is a store where you can linger, browse and learn about all types of Saltwater Fish, Corals and Invertebrates as well as Aquariums, Equipment, Supplies and aquatic-themed gifts, without being hassled or pressured to buy. For our younger aquarists, and those young at heart, we also have a “kid-friendly” area with a huge selection of Betta Fish, Goldfish, Glofish and the tanks, décor and supplies to go with them.

Our store is modern, clean, comfortable, educational and fun. We have over 1600 gallons of display tanks housing various aquatic environments; “Fish Only”, “FOWLR” (Fish Only with Live Rock), and “Reef”. A dedicated Coral display tank houses a wide selection of mostly Aqua-Cultured specimens and Frags including SPS, LPS and Soft Corals, Polyps and Clams. (Many are pieces grown by us, our customers and other local hobbyists who offer their Corals to us for sale on consignment). We carry all the “bread & butter” Fish, Inverts and Corals (always subject to availability), as well as rare and exotic species not seen elsewhere. If we don’t stock it, we can get it for you, usually within 5-7 days from one of our highly respected wholesalers.

In addition to talking to our knowledgeable staff we also have self-service Kiosks where you can learn about the various livestock we offer, its natural environment, origin, care requirements and pricing, A high powered lab-grade magnifying glass is available to view many tiny sea creatures in extraordinary detail. Feel free to relax in our lounge area where you can browse our extensive resource library, watch streaming aquatic videos on our flat screen TV, snack on complimentary Swedish Fish, or Goldfish crackers and have a cup of coffee. (Our lounge has become a hangout for middle school kids a few afternoons a week, many of whom have started their own saltwater aquariums). On a lighter side, test your fish knowledge by trying to solve Life Aquatic’s Riddle of the Month.

If you are contemplating a purchase our non-commissioned staff is here to answer your questions and offer advice. Once a purchase, no matter how big or small, is made, we will not send you on your way without specific instructions and guidance. In addition, we are happy to assist you over the phone or via e-mail, once you are home if additional questions come to mind or any issues arise.